Property Investment

Investing in the right property is an excellent way to secure your financial future. That said, it can be challenging – that’s where we come in. At Regal & Co. we offer sound market guidance to compile a full investment analysis ensuring there are no surprises when it matters most.

Important considerations worth highlighting are:

  • Total understanding of all fees, rates and expenses
  • Balancing rental income with potential tax benefits
  • Intelligent projections of long-term capital growth
  • Scoping potential for further investment properties

Pinnacle Choice

Pinnacle Choice is one of Australia’s most unique and affordable investment advisory groups, specialising in assisting our clients to be able to reduce their mortgage and debts, reduce and/or redirect the tax they pay each year and invest for their wealth and retirement. We assist and educate every day Australian’s in how to achieve their financial and retirement goals by following personalised and transparent strategies in developing high performing property investment portfolios that provide our clients with long-term benefits. Our passionate team measures, monitors and analyses the property market and industry which is continuously and rapidly changing across the country. By offering our clients guidance in developing a high-performing property portfolio, in-depth industry insights, personalised investment plans, and property market analysis knowledge, we know we can help you achieve your financial and retirement goals. Whether you are looking to reduce your mortgage, invest in your children’s future, prepare for a more stable retirement or simply save tax and build wealth, we can help.